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A detoxification program based on the Gerson diet

  1. Blood tests summarizing the 10 days of therapy.
  2. Medical consultation and a discussion of blood test results
  3. A lecture on key elements of the Gerson diet – nutritionist Anna Gołębiowska
  4. A lecture on vegetarian and vegan diets – nutritionist Anna Gołębiowska
  5. A lecture on probiotics and intestinal leakage – nutritionist Anna Gołębiowska
  6. Screening of the film “Forks over Knives”.
  7. A lecture on ecological agriculture and healthy food – Elżbieta Lang

During the course you are guaranteed:

  • Accommodation in the palace in Barnowo (rooms of a high standard).
  • Medical consultation with Dr. Oktaviusz Dembek.
  • Full day care by a nurse.
  • Blood tests at the end of the course
  • 12 kinds of freshly cold-pressed juices from certified organic fruits and vegetables.
  • 3 meals a day featuring certified organic fruits and vegetables.
  • 5 enemas a day using certified organic coffee.
  • Daily weight and blood pressure measurements.
  • Physical activities (walking with poles, cycling, joga)
  • The chance to go horse riding.
  • The chance to work out with Czesław Lang.
  • Consultation concerning diet in sport.