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Conditions for participation – Journey into yourself

  • The order of applications confirmed by payment decides about the admission to the program. (first-come, first-serve basis)
  • The first step to book your spot is to send us an email (ekofolwark.yoga@gmail.com) with an inquiry about availability, and then advance payment once we confirm availability.
  • The retreat begins with a meeting at 4:30pm on Sunday, and ends after breakfast on the following Sunday.
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel a retreat in the event of unforeseen problems or contingencies.
  • The organizer will notify by e-mail about the possible need to change the date, quoting the next available dates, or will refund the advance payment. The dates of the retreat will be confirmed by e-mail 7 days before its commencement.
  • For the retreat to take place, we need to have at least 10 people signed up.
  • In case of resignation 30 days prior to the retreat starts, there is a full return of advance payment.
  • The plan is a general outline of subjects and activities during the retreat. The final schedule will be confirmed and sent 2 weeks before the start of the retreat.
  • The plan may be modified. All activities will be adjusted to the group and weather conditions. Baths in the lake in the garden are on your own responsibility.