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The offer – Journey into yourself

Synchronize with the natural powers of the Universe. Spiritual revitalization with Mother Earth, which will inspire you to connect with the essence of your soul and the reality behind the boundaries of the illusion.

Clear the mind, detox the body and purify the soul to reconnect with the ancestors’ wisdom, reconnect with your roots, and unblock the flow of the prana – life-force energy.

We are honored to invite you for a week-long retreat to a monumental palace surrounded by pristine nature, where you can find balance, peace, vital energy, and inspiration to live to the fullest potential and to embrace your essence. Strengthen your body, still the mind, and feed your soul with the nectar of love to fully celebrate the most magnificent gift we have – the gift of life in harmony with nature. We would love to share our space so you can reestablish an intimate relationship with Mother Nature, embrace to the magic all around you, surround with powers of life – force energy and vibrations, and synchronize with Earth’s magnetic poles.

Every day grounding, yoga, meditation, harmonization with nature, vegan nourishment, sacred ceremonies honoring Mother Earth, healing rituals, and inspiring discussions will awaken your senses, motivate you to delight in your daily life and help to coincide with the Cosmic powers. Allow yourself for a mental, physical, and spiritual detox.

We invite everyone regardless of physical condition or yoga practice. We would like to inspire those, who are not familiar yet with the subjects and to deepen practices for those, who have experience already.

It is also an amazing opportunity to meet with Czesław Lang, to listen to a motivational lecture about a healthy and active lifestyle and to experience together with Czesław a bike trip to beautiful and pristine Kashubian forest.

  • Dates: 16th of August – 23rd of August, 2020,
    22nd of September – 29th of Septemebr, 2020
  • Price: 2750 PLN per person
  • Advance payment: 1000 PLN per person
  • Rooms: single or double for couples
  • Location: Eko Folwark, 77-140 Kołczygłowy, Barnowo 11 (Kaszuby).
  • Contact: +48 696 495 276; ekofolwark.yoga@gmail.com