The farm

Czesław Lang’s ecological farm has been in existence since 2006. It is located in Barnowo and Poborowo in the Kaszub hills, surrounded by forests and lakes. Altogether there are about 700 hectares of land, on which grow: green rye, oats, spelt, buckwheat and lupine, as well as grasslands, the staple diet for the farm’s sheep and horses. There are also plans for organic cultivation of vegetables – including potatoes and carrots. About ten people are permanently employed on the farm. Czesław Lang’s farm has certified organic products for sale.

If interested, please call us: +48 519 171 198


Czesław Lang on ecology

My approach to ecology stems from a holistic perspective on life. I believe that everyone who wants a healthy and comfortable life should take care of their bodies and nutrition. Organic food is very helpful in this respect. Several years ago, I bought a ruined palace with 700 hectares of land.

In 2006 I decided to start an organic farm. Arriving at the current situation required a lot of work and dedication. The farming profession is somewhat similar to that of the professional athlete – in both cases what counts is perseverance, diligence and a systematic approach. But it has been worth the effort, because the effects have far surpassed all expectations. Today we have large modern farm that provides jobs and brings satisfaction. I am convinced that this was a wise choice, because I see a great future for ecology. Ecology and a healthy lifestyle are promoted at every step. I’m trying to show that good nutrition can solve many problems, including health problems.

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