Umberto Veronesi

Born November 28th, 1925 in Milan, Umberto Veronesi is a world-famous Italian oncologist. He has devoted his scientific career to research into the treatment and prevention of cancer. For this purpose, Professor Veronesi founded the European Institute of Oncology, where he is director of research. His scientific achievements include over 800 scientific publications and he is also the author of several books concerning the prevention and treatment of cancer. As a prominent surgeon he developed the innovative treatment quadrantectomy, or partial removal of the mammary gland, without removing the whole breast. In 2000, Veronesi held the position of Italy’s Minister of Health in Giuliano Amato’s government.

Umberto Veronesi is a vegetarian, a great enemy of smoking, and a protector of the environment. He puts proper nutrition in first place as the most important protective factor against cancer. Furthermore, he believes that proper diet is a key component in cancer therapy itself and that it effectively aids the healing process. He encourages people to give up meat, fats, dairy products, processed foods and sweets. Such diet modifications are supported by scientific research, and every day more and more results are confirming the role of diet in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Research in this field is also carried out by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation.

In his most recently published book entitled “Fighting cancer at the table”, Veronesi shows what a pernicious influence the Western diet has on our health – high in fats, animal protein and sugar. He encourages us to change our habits, because whoever eats less and uses a plant-based diet significantly extends his life and enjoys better health.