The staff

Meet our team – experienced and qualified specialists who will help you go through the body cleansing process based on many years of work with the guests of Eco Folwark. For many years we have been dealing not only with the health of our pupils, but we also lead a healthy lifestyle based on ecological products and a vegetarian or vegan diet. We spend time actively in harmony with ourselves and nature.

Elżbieta Lang

Elżbieta Lang is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk. She completed post-graduate studies in the field of dietetics and nutritional consulting.

She went through the entire Gerson diet protocol. Together with her husband, Czesław Lang, she underwent a three-week cleansing process at the Gerson clinic in Mexico. From that moment on, she became, like her husband, a vegan and supporter of a healthy lifestyle.

Her interests include the latest scientific research on vegan diets. She is an animal lover and ecology enthusiast.

Ania Gołębiowska

Ania is a human nutrition specialist and certified dietitian, a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

He owes his substantive and practical skills to numerous internships in Warsaw hospitals and the constant expansion of his knowledge through participation in conferences, trainings and daily reading of industry magazines, books and scientific research.

She specializes in dietary prevention and diet therapy with the use of alternative diets (vegetarian, vegan). It promotes an innovative approach to diet as a lifelong positive change in eating habits in order to achieve better health and joy in life.

Privately, a long-term vegetarian, now vegan.

Renata Struniawska

A graduate of the Medical Vocational College in Słupsk at the Faculty of Obstetrics.

He works in the profession. She leads a quiet lifestyle on a daily basis, looks after her family, home and garden. He tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. He is interested in ecology and healthy food. A lover of active leisure activities.

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